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After the owerthrown of the komunist government in Czech republic established Josef Krizek with his first capital of 28 thousand Crowns (about 800USD) company for selling building materials. For this reason he bought an old building and reconstructed it with his older son Daniel.

In this year established Daniel Krizek another company for logistic services attached to the home company his father. This company specializes it self also on wholesale and transport of materials.

Company bought small groceries store on the main road in town and started to recostruct shop to modern style of store. It raises the space from 80 sq.m to 950 sq.m. of new area for its customers.

Company bought another groceries store but much bigger with the idea to build shopping mall. Because of higher investments join another 3 persons together with Josef and Daniel into new company under name "Obelisk". At the end of 95´ quit both Josef and Daniel company "Obelisk" because other 3 partners became unreliable.

The family business joint younger Josef's son Filip. The new name for company was chosen "KA-konsorcium". Company improves parking places for more custommers. Because of growing stock bilds a new storehouse.

Company started to build new houses for custommers. In the year 2006 divides the company it self to "KA-konsorcium" and "KA-group.cz". The new company builds a new storehouse and starts to import some commodities from India and China.